Free Spiritual Healing – Resources for Free Help, Training, Research and Development

This website was started on Feb. 5, 2012 to help organize resources for free help with spiritual healing, including healing prayer, training, and referrals for formal research and development through medical studies.

The top resources that I most refer for free help are as follows:

* Olivia Reiner, 713-829-0899, offers free healing prayer to break the cycle of abuse, addiction, crime and poverty. Olivia is working with other prayer partners to form spiritual healing teams for bilingual outreach to the homeless in Houston, and others locally and worldwide, seeking help to recover from addiction, abuse or other problems stemming from unforgiven conflicts or “generational” issues passed down physically or spiritually. Volunteers Eric Garza and Miriam Pasetti are available for healing prayer or any other prayer requests every Saturday at the BEACON downtown. I will also be joining them, as well as other volunteers who offer free art classes and workshops the third Saturday of each month at the Beacon. Please join us, in prayer or in person, or both!

* Dr. Phillip Goldfedder, who speaks on the radio and can be contacted through his website at Please read his testimony online, or call him if you wish to interview him or receive help from him personally.

* Drs. Francis and Judith MacNutt, Christian Healing Ministry, in Florida. I give out free copies of Dr. MacNutt’s book on HEALING (edition 1999 or later) which offers the best explanation of the different types of healing (including deliverance and exorcism), the methods for each and why they differ, why healing prayer may fail if certain steps are missed, and how to correct this so that healing may be received effectively wherever it is possible. The newer edition includes references to a medical study on rheumatoid arthritis patients treated using spiritual healing methods applied by MacNutt’s team. It also includes the revised list of Twelve Reasons why healing prayer fails.

MacNutt’s book and statements help to emphasize extremely critical points in spiritual healing: (1) never to mix the positive healing prayer, which is based on receiving and not dictating God’s will, with the negative types of energy or self-willed methods associated with witchcraft/sorcery/voodoo, etc. The clashing between the positive and negative energy forces is unpredictable and dangerous, and can lead to spiritual attacks, disruptions and even death. It is not uncommon for people who have played with witchcraft, sorcery or occult forces to experience sudden deaths among their circle of friends; and I know people personally who have suffered from this, which I call a “boomerang” effect, where whatever you will or wish upon others can come back to you instead. Thus, I strongly advise and warn anyone who has had contact with witchcraft spells or sorcery to seek spiritual healing by a free ministry to cast out this negative energy in order to protect people from further harm or disruptions/crises in relationships caused by the clashing and spiritual conflicts. (2) the distinction between false faith teaching that makes a condition of faith, imposes judgment if healing does not occur in the way or timeframe that people expect, or rejects science, medicine or other treatments that are actually part of the process of healing the whole person – body, mind and spirit. This kind of false faith teaching, including fraudulent malpractice to cheat people for monetary or religious control or cult abuse, not only prevents people from receiving true healing but creates a false impression that all spiritual healing is fraudulent, so the damage is multiplied. (3) the distinction between cases of homosexuality or other conditions that are related to demonic oppression and may require this method of healing, and cases or conditions that this does NOT apply to; again, so that people are not misjudged for why conditions or conflicts exist. (4) the false division between faith and science that prevents spiritual healing from being more widely studied, researched, practiced and applied; the fault is equally shared between extreme religious groups rejecting science and medicine and extreme secular views that reject spiritual healing as false without studying how it works.

If you would like to receive or borrow free books, please contact me, and I will either mail these to you or make them available for pickup at Eric’s class at the Beacon:

* HEALING by Francis MacNutt (edition 1999 or later is better)

* The Healing Light by Agnes Sanford (explains that God is Nature, and the healing energy and process are natural; compares the flow of life energy to electricity running through a house, so if the circuit is not flowing, the point is to either fix the circuit, turn on the switch, or whatever is needed.)

The point of the healing prayer is to REMOVE the unnatural blocks (created by unforgiven memories or issues from the past, even conflicting perceptions) from the mind/spirit/body that otherwise PREVENT the mind/body from healing themselves as they are designed to do. So the healing prayer is not unnatural or supernatural, but the point is to remove whatever blocks the healing energy of life from flowing freely through the mind, body and spirit to restore health and peace.

* Glimpses of the Devil by Dr. Scott M. Peck (advocates for formal medical research and diagnostics based on the same methods used in exorcism/deliverance for identifying cases of demonic oppression or satanic spiritual infestion, and following a system of steps to remove these influences so that patients recover their free will and ability to undergo regular medical and psychological treatment, instead of rejecting help and staying stuck in cycles of addiction or self-destruction.

Peck also emphasizes the “false division” between faith and science preventing these methods from being more widely understood, studied and developed for mainstream practice to help more people. He advocates for earlier intervention as well, to increase the chances of successful recovery; since one of his patients was able to fully recover, but the other died from advanced disease brought on by years of self-inflicted abuse before she finally started proper treatment. She could have lived longer had she received deliverance/exorcism treatment earlier to stop the demonic or satanic addictions that prevented her from getting mental and medical help earlier on.

I will add other posts on the Steps of Forgiveness and Dangers of Unforgiveness, that also explain the link between carrying unforgiving memories/issues/conflicts from the past, and the effect on spiritual, mental and physical health, including relations with others that affects society at large.

If you want to discuss or debate the issue of whether science and medicine can prove the effectiveness of spiritual healing methods (while also distinguishing why cases may fail due to steps skipped, such as praying for results without first identifying and praying for forgiveness of particular causes of obstructions to natural healing), here are some websites with open forums I recommend:

* under “religion”

* under “religion and ethics”

* under “religion” or “recovery”

The number one reason I would say that spiritual healing fails (if I may add a 13th reason to MacNutt’s list) is the “false separation” between groups of people, even mental perceptions, such as dividing secular science from spiritual methods of prayer, or dividing religious groups by denomination, political groups by party division, or religious from secular, where people lose connection with each other. The more people are unified in agreement, even point by point, the spiritual energy can flow, and there will be greater peace and cooperation in the world. More prayers will be answers, and more solutions shared, instead of dividing into factions and suffering frustration.


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Dangers of Unforgiveness

From a divorce referral webpage:…orgiveness.html

Warnings of Dangers of Unforgiveness
and Dispelling Myths about Forgiveness

Dangerous Results Of Unforgiveness

“Unforgiveness is like drinking poison and waiting for the other person to die.”

1. Unforgiveness Is Progressive.

First there is a hurt. That hurt turns unto anger, then to bitterness, then to unforgiveness, and finally death, death of the relationship. What begins as a hurt over an offense will escalate if we do not forgive.

2. Unforgiveness Causes Us To Live With Accumulating Guilt.
If we do not forgive others for their sins and offenses against us, we do not receive God’s forgiveness, cleansing and release from sins we have committed.

Matthew 6:14-15 “If you forgive those who sin against you, your heavenly Father will forgive you. But if you refuse to forgive others, your Father will not forgive your sins.”

3. Unforgiveness Produces Stunted, Limited Growth.

Limited growth leads to limited joy, limited blessing, limited peace, and limited ministry.

4. Unforgiveness Makes Our World Progressively Smaller.
Each offense that remains unforgiven leads to a damaged or broken relationship
(parents, children, boss, neighbor, pastor, church, etc.).

5. Unforgiveness Causes Us To Live In A Prison Of Our Own Making.

When we hold someone in the prison of our unforgiveness and judgment, we become like a jailer who has to spend all his time focusing his attention on the prison cell and the person who is held there.

6. Unforgiveness Eventually Develops Into Bitterness, Which Is Like A Cancer Of The Soul.

The cancer of bitterness will grow and eat away at our character, our personality, our faith,
and even our health resulting in physical and mental illness.


Forgiveness means to give free pardon for an offense and to give up all claims to get back at another, (revenge). Jesus paid the price and through Christ we are forgiven.

God forgives completely as if it never happened and we will be forgiven as we forgive others. There is no limit to the number of times I can be forgiven or the number of times I need to forgive.

“For if you forgive men their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you. But if you do not forgive men their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses.” Matthew 6:14-15

Misconceptions Of Forgiveness

Forgive and forget.
I have to feel forgiveness.
Forgiveness will make me a doormat.
I have to have an ongoing relationship with the person.

What Are Some Reasons Why We Don’t Forgive

We want them to come to us first and ask us to forgive them.
We look for signs of repentance on their part and judge accordingly.
We hold on to “justified” unforgiveness.
We think they need to be taught a lesson

What Happens If I Don’t Forgive?

In Matthew 18:23-35: Jesus alerts us to the dangers of unforgiveness in this parable He told His disciples.

In this story a certain king forgave one of his slaves an enormous debt. But when this same slave was asked by a fellow slave to forgive a much smaller amount, he refused. The king heard of this and became angry and said to the slave

‘You wicked servant! I forgave you all that debt because you begged me. Should you not also have had compassion on your fellow slave, just as I had pity on you?’

And the king was angry, and delivered the slave to the torturers until he should pay all that was due to him.

So My heavenly Father also will do to you if each of you, from his heart, does not forgive his brother his trespasses.”

NOTE: This last concept was not translated or explained from Christian terms to secular everyday terms. But basically if we hold on to the attitude of anger or unforgiveness, we attract the same type of negative people and attitudes from others; so we get what we give, and can either be charitable and attract charity or be merciless and attract meanness and unforgiveness in others the same way.


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Steps to Forgiveness

Below is a link to “Steps to Forgiveness” along with contents posted below.

Three favorite authors who teach the process of forgiveness and healing:

* “Healing” by Francis MacNutt is the best book I have found explaining how to use 4 different prayer methods to address and heal different types of unforgiveness that cause sickness in the body mind and spirit if these blocks are not removed.

(many people overlook demonic obsession, which can be treated with special team prayer process, this book distinguishes from regular types of individual prayer)

* “The Healing Light” by Agnes Sanford which explains that healing is from Nature or God, and forgiveness lets life’s natural energy in to flow freely to heal the mind and body.

* “Forgive for Good” encourages people to live as Heroes and not victims of setbacks, to take credit and courage in our purpose despite obstacles we overcome instead of focusing on resenting the causes.)

Steps to Forgiveness

1. Confront your emotional pain – your shock, fear, anger, and grief. Recognize that the hurt that has occurred may have been very unfair and that these steps are not meant to minimize the hurt involved.

2. Realize that forgiveness can only be appropriate after you have processed out your fear, anger, and grief. However, also realize that you can set forgiveness as a goal in the future for your sake now! Recognize that to continue to dwell on the anger and resentment involved in the hurt will literally destroy your physical health, and cause you great mental suffering.

New studies clearly show that anger and resentment doubled the risk of myocardial heart attacks in women with previous coronary problems. Other studies indicate cancer and other deadly illnesses are also caused by anger and resentment. So be willing, for your sake, to begin to process out these deadly emotions as soon as possible.

3. Understand that love is what you ultimately want for yourself from yourself.

4. Understand that forgiveness does not condone or approve or forget the harmful acts; forgiveness does not allow yourself to be abused. We forgive the doer, not the doing. Remembering this helps us to break harmful cycles of behavior.

5. Realize that you are the only person responsible for your own feelings and for healing the hurt that is going on inside of you.

6. Remember that you are so powerful that usually you had some part in what happened. Be willing to totally face up to that part and accept it without blame (to forgive and love that part).

7. See this situation as an opportunity for healing and for growth. See that the other person involved has revealed to you through his or her actions where there was a wounded spot in you which needed healing.

8. Start releasing anger, sadness, grief, and fear through the many processes, therapies and therapists available. Have a person to work with who can truly empathize with you, yet who can be objective and help you shift your perception from blame to healing.

9. Decide to forgive. Even if this decision is half-hearted at first, it will probably lessen your hurt and anger immediately.

Notice that this decision can be difficult because after you have processes out the anger, resentment and grief, you will have to give up the grudge – the being the “victim”, the “being right” and making the other person “wrong”. Notice that this is “superior” position which can be used to get a lot of self-righteous attention. Be willing, for your sake to have the courage to get off that “superior” position.

10. Be willing to find a new way to think about the person who wronged you. What was his or her life like growing up? What was his or her life like at the time of the offense? What were this person’s good points up to the time of the hurt? Notice you may not be able to see much good within until you have processed out your anger and/or grief or fear.

11. Be aware that being forgiving is a courageous act on your part. It has nothing to do with whether the other person can admit they are wrong. You are forgiving to liberate yourself no matter what the other person decides to do.

12. Be willing to do and learn whatever it takes to forgive. Commit to do processes, to read courageous stories of forgiveness, to write in journals, to see a therapist, to do training’s, or to do whatever it takes to heal the wounds involved. Remember these wounds may be deeply tied to past hurts going back to your interactions with your parents. Resolve to follow them through for your total healing, even if it involves years of effort to heal. Remember that you are determined to find the true happiness and joy that true forgiveness can bring to your life.

13. If you believe in a Higher Power, be willing to pray on this problem and to turn to this Higher Power for guidance and assistance in the forgiveness process.

14. Accept the lessons involved in this incident – our lives are laboratories for learning. What have you learned from this event that is invaluable to you? Has some form of attachment to a belief or beliefs a position has caused you the pain involved? What belief or beliefs were involved?

15. See that everything is okay; possibly perfect, as it is now.

16. If you have the willingness and it is appropriate, seek feedback from the other person by being willing to say “I’m sorry that I did…” (whatever it is that you feel contributed to the problem).

17. Regardless of what the other person does, work towards seeing them with love and goodness. Know that therefore love and goodness are thus flowing to you for your mental and physical health and well-being.

“Steps to Forgiveness” is found by clicking: More About Forgiveness at

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