Excerpts from HEALING

Page 196 – This story explains how identifying and healing the causal memory, issue or conflict CORRELATES with recovery and healing of the mind, body or relationships as a result from “unblocking” the flow of natural energy by removing the obstruction, usually caused by fear, unforgiveness, or other negative thought energy:


“I remember, in particular, praying for one woman in Peru who had a rather common problem: her life was altogether gray and dull. This boredom had nothing to do with her work; she was a missionary and liked her work. Yet she knew that some kind of inner healing was necessary, because she didn’t have an abiding joy and zest for life. …

We prayed, then, as best we could, for all the wounding incidents of the past that she could think of. When the prayer was over, though, nothing changed. She experienced none of the peace, the joy, the lifting of the spirit that we have come to associate with a real inner healing.

The next day she came back and honestly admitted that nothing had happened. … So we turned in prayer to the Lord for the insight … that would help us. While praying, Barbara [Shlemon, who was one of the team] received a mental picture of a young girl, about ten years old, holding a dog in her arms. … The woman said that the picture brought something to mind that she had forgotten: as a young girl of ten her best friend was her dog. But the dog had grown old so her parents took her dog and “put it out of its misery.” … to a young girl it was as if her parents, the people she trusted most in life, had taken away her best friend and killed it. … So what she did as a little girl was to turn off, as it were, the flow of life, so that she would never again be hurt so deeply.

What happened, though, was that she could never again experience joy or life either.

Her protection kept her from experiencing either the joy or the sorrows of life.

So we prayed for what had happened to a ten-year-old girl. The next day I received this beautiful note:

“Life pours in. Rejoice! I feel so happy that I want to cry.

This is the first time I have ever wanted to cry for being happy.

Parts of my being are pulling back together.”

— Pages 196-197, HEALING, Francis MacNutt, edition 1999 or later


This excerpt demonstrates the process of identifying the obstructing memory or issue that once forgiven, reopens and restores the channels to healing between the spirit, mind and physical body/relationship in real life.


Pages 216-217 to be continued

Another excerpt will be added where a suicidal patient who rejected help was prayed over without knowledge, and the next day had become compliant and open/asking to get help after receiving a vision and visitation overnight that helped to heal traumatic abuse.